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Proclaim is an independent specialist claim manager, providing innovative outsourced claim management services across all lines of commercial general insurance. With our forward thinking model, coupling sharp technology with even sharper people, it is possible to provide a better customer experience while also saving our clients time & money.


Providing a different way of thinking

When presented with a claim our team has a unique opportunity to provide a great customer experience. We have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. which is why our purpose is to go beyond what any other company might to achieve our client’s goals and exceed all expectations.

our purpose & values
"There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending on how far beyond zebra you go."


Promote a creative outlook


Prolific expertise

Accident, Allied Health & Life
We can combine innovative technology with technical expertise to drive sharper for high frequency claims programs. Read More >
Professional Liability
These classes of claims require technical expertise combined with commercial acumen to simplify and cut through often complicated claim scenarios. Read More >
Property & Motor
Because in cases of lost or damaged property we have a unique opportunity to show that we care and apply our expertise and skills to make a real difference. Read More >
Public Liability
We have proved that a progressive early intervention model combining skill at the desk with sharp technology can create massive savings in claim costs. Read More >
Speciality Lines
If you have a specialty product – be it jewellers block, contingency, bloodstock, crop, art or any other niche specialist product – Proclaim can design a specialist, tailored response that provides Read More >
Training & Consulting Services
We can provide tailored consulting and training services across all general lines of insurance, and all styles of business. Our consulting projects have included. Read More >
Proceed - Commercial Recoveries
In 2013 Proclaim created Proceed, a new division of our business. With the same passion and expertise applied to claims management we are focusing on commercial recoveries, where our experience has been that sharp people with strong investigative skills can achieve superior results. Read More >
"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."
Edward De Bono
Edward De Bono


Producing the best results for all

Lloyd's - London Market
Binders gave us a unique opportunity to show how we are different and how we can get you better results. Given binders are often across a niche industry or type of business, we have the opportunity to tailor procedures for that scheme to improve overall risk exposure and results. While you can expect certain service standards as a minimum, it is the tailoring of our people and our processes to the unique needs of each scheme that makes our solutions different – different and better. Read More >
Australian Insurers
We work with several local insurers where we can partner with them to support their overall service commitments to their customers. Larger insurers commonly use us when they are at peaks in workloads and outsource overflow claims to us- catastrophes. Read More >
Underwriting Agents/Coverholders
Underwriting agents and coverholders generally exist to provide sharper services to niche markets in insurance. The expertise in agents often lies in technical underwriting and their ability to provide quick turnaround and meet their customers’ expectations. Claim management is generally not a core competency of an underwriting agent or coverholder. Claims can be a distraction and the technical and reporting requirements can often be beyond their capabilities. Read More >
Insurance Brokers
We are happy to assist insurance brokers with designing claims programs for clients with self-insured retentions, aggregate deductibles or captive programs and volume claims responses. We also assit with analysis of claim experience and benchmarking consulting on best practice claim models. Read More >
We work with many companies who have a self-insured retention, or deductible or aggregate deductible and companies who have a volume of claims against them. They tend to dedicate significant management and staff time to dealing with claims and canbe frustrated at lack of control of their claims situation, requiring a better solution than traditional claim management. Read More >


Our People - Profiles

Our people come to work with a spring in their step - we are considered the best place to work in the insurance industry and we are consistently ranked as one of the top 10 great places to work in Australia. We revel in our differences and foster special working relationships between our team members and our clients.

Work for Proclaim

We want to have the best people working for us to provide the best possible insurance claims solutions to our customers. Proclaim employees are outstanding at what they do, and we expect nothing less from those who want to work for us. We are on the lookout for dynamic team players who swing to the fences and are not afraid to set the bar high, and then surpass it. We're not talking about automatons though - you've got to have a little soul. That means we expect you to play as hard as you work. Luckily, at Proclaim, we like both.

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The Propound

The latest from Jon Broome our Managing Director and Proclaim staffers. Musings on life, business, finance, economics, world issues, what we've been up to and some random fun stuff too! Desert island discs anyone?

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Proclaim Collection

Since 2003 we have been building an art collection. The focus is on current contemporary works and has formed a strong connection between Gertrude artists, alumni, staff and the good folk of Proclaim.

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein