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  • Art at Proclaim

    As part of our ongoing sponsorship of Gertrude Contemporary we are joined annually by their creative Director – currently Mark Feary – who does a bit of  a stock take and an update of the Proclaim collection. This usually involves shifting some

  • Top 5 causes of public liability claims at Christmas

    The holiday season often brings with it an increase in public liability claims. Here are the top 5 causes of public liability claims for this time of year.

Discussion Group – Preliminary Discovery

On Thursday, Proclaim hosted a wonderfully enlightening discussion group on Preliminary Discovery and how best to respond to third parties requesting information, presented by Tony Kulukovski and Patrick Thompson of Thompson Cooper Lawyers. The wisdom offered to attendees by Tony and

  • Top 5 incidents involving security

  • Proclaim Art Blog – Belinda Bam

    In beginning this blog entry, I’d like to share a quote from one my favourite authors/keepers of wisdom, comedic author Kurt Vonnegut. In his book A Man Without a Country he says, “Practicing an art, no matter how well or

  • Tactile indicators, friend or foe?

    Recently, there has been a rise in reported incidents involving tactile indicators. There is a common misconception of the purpose for these small round bumps and many think that they are there to provide a slip resistance surface in wet

  • Cyber Insurance Seminar

    Yesterday Proclaim hosted NIBA’s Cyber Insurance Seminar, presented by Proclaim Senior Account Manager Kelvin Hui. Running a business in this day and age inevitably requires interaction with the internet. Interaction with the internet, unfortunately, brings with it contact with many

  • Open Disclosure – Are there Doubts?

    A recent UK case has raised issues of whether medical practitioners will be less willing to be open and frank with patients and their families following an adverse outcome. In Australia, open disclosure is an apology [expression of regret], a

  • Deconstruction of a Construction Claim gone to pieces

    When you develop and build a property you take all measures to ensure it is safe and that it has been certified for final occupation. Recently a construction client had the misfortune of having to defend a claim arising from

  • Proclaim Art Blog – Olivia Castrisios

    It’s well known that a person’s environment effects them on an emotional and psychological level. If you were, for instance to ask me for a favour while I was covered in puppies, you would be far more likely to receive

  • AICLA High Tea at The Hotel Windsor

    On Thursday 11 October 2018, Olivia Castrisios from our Corporate team and Karen Wolmarans from our Property team had the pleasure of attending the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters (AICLA) High Tea at The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne. This

  • Q&A with Proclaim Account Manager Lucy Settle

    Proclaim’s National Insurance Manager, Richard Thomas, sat down with Proclaim Property Account Manager, Lucy Settle, to discuss her career in insurance, from underwriting to claims…   Richard: Lucy, you previously worked as an international property underwriter in both London and in

  • Proclaim in London

    As National Manager, Insurance at Proclaim it is one of my responsibilities and great privileges to visit the London insurance market each year. The London market, and Lloyd’s in particular, is a critical market for Proclaim and the visit is

  • “Up, up and away!”

    As a self confessed travel nut – it’s not difficult for me to be excited by airports. I also appreciate art and so a recent catch up with the Canberra Airport team hit two birds with one stone. The Canberra

  • Making the Most of Labour Hire Relationships

    Labour hire is an increasingly popular means for small and medium businesses to ensure appropriate staffing levels, while removing the legal complexities of direct employment.  Businesses benefit from stepping out of the recruitment process, increased flexibility, reduction of payroll, tax

  • AON Health Symposium 2018

    So what do you do at a health symposium – other than gather the learnings? Well get up and stretch of course! The Symposium included an interesting reflection on a serious data breach. Georgina Garrett and Jon Broome attended the

  • Costco Epping opening night

    On the 28th of August, Proclaim attended the VIP Grand Opening of the  new Epping Costco Warehouse. It was a really enjoyable evening. We were able to walk around the very large warehouse, see all the different products and taste all

  • Training

    Does your staff say sorry to a customer who has been injured at your premises? Are your staff educated as to how to best respond to savvy litigious plaintiff lawyers? Each time you see media headlines about slip and fall

  • New Senior promotions at Proclaim

    A big congratulations to our new Senior Account Managers, pictured from left – Kelvin Hui (Professional Liability), Kaylene Leopold ( Corporate), Ananya Tiwari (Liability), Vivian Tang (Liability), Tim Kasem (Liability), Karen Wolmarans (Property/Motor) and Matt (Property/Motor). To achieve a Senior

  • Three cyber risks for construction – Bricks and mortar still affected by cyber

    For much of human history, one could argue that the essence of construction has not changed. We may have moved from wood to brick to steel, but in essence, construction involves the use of human skill and effort to manipulate

  • Proclaim Art Blog – Jacqui Steffen

    Simplicity and the appearance of effortlessness is one of the foremost markers of quality. The clean lines of a diamond betray not the long history of heat, pressure, and human working that brought about such beauty. An adorable puppy shares

  • Underwriting Agency Council (UAC) Expo – Brisbane

    Last Wednesday I attended the Underwriting Agency Council (UAC) Expo held in Brisbane.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending these events regularly over a number of years. I try to get to them each year in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

  • Congratulations Ananya Tiwari – winner of the Ron Shorter Memorial Award

    Last night Proclaim account manager Ananya Tiwari gave an award winning speech on Microinsurance to take home the Ron Shorter Memorial Award held by the Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA). Ananya will now deliver her speech at AILA’s national conference in

  • Proclaim Art Blog – Marianne Emerson

    It seems to me a base human instinct to impose upon the world around us, both physical and metaphysical, a system of investigation, categorization, and normalization. We figured out pretty quickly that the things we don’t understand could be the

  • Dan Cable’s ‘Alive at work’ – key take aways

    I first heard Dan Cable a few years ago at LBS where his subject matter was around how to be your best self. It was a memorable session, with lots of food for thought but as the science and research

  • It seems like an eternity ago when the insurance market was so difficult some companies could not buy liability insurance….

    It seems like an eternity ago when the insurance market was so difficult some companies could not buy liability insurance….June 2001 proved to be a very challenging period for insurance brokers.     Insurance is new nightmare – Australian Financial

  • From the Archives- our 2001 release on public liability insurance

    It is clear that since the tragic events of September 11, the liability and corporate insurance markets have hardened even further. While the prevailing mood for most of this year had been how high the premiums were, we are now

  • Proclaim Art Blog – Special Edition

    Growth is a beautiful thing. An ever-present process, shaping our lives daily, and yet we barely notice it happening in the present. It is only when we take a moment to look back down the path from whence we came

  • Our very own Ananya Tiwari is a finalist for the Ron Shorter Public Speaking Awards

    Remember having to give speeches in high school and university? Remember how those brief dalliances with public speaking tied knots in your stomach? Remember when Robbie Williams released an album of swing songs? Makes you feel queasy just remembering right?

  • Proclaim Art Series – Paul and “Future Man”

    One of the most interesting aspects of life and human behaviour, to me, is how an individual’s immediate environment directly effects their mindset, and by extension their expression, interpretation, and output. It can be seen in every part of our

  • Congratulations Lendlease!

    Yesterday Erica Armoutoglou and I had the pleasure of meeting up with the team from Lendlease Risk and Insurance, Trevor Cuthbert and Veronica Osborne, who have been valued clients for more than 8 years.  We met in their impressive Barangaroo

  • An Evening with Hillary Clinton

    There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of a change maker. She captivated the audience with her journey – sharing the values and passion for democracy and human rights which informs the leadership decisions she makes. She talked

  • Be adaptive or be left behind!

    I recently attended a function and had the pleasure of meeting special guest speaker Ky Furneaux. I’ll admit to not knowing much about Ky – which is a surprise –  considering she has quite a remarkable story. It is one

  • Reserving training session

    At Proclaim we are doing monthly internal training sessions on some of the important business processes that go into the making of a successful claim. This week Maria Rosman gave us a refresher on Reserving, which insurers often consider to

  • Proclaim Art series – Evie & Mu Variations

    In my personal creative wanderings, I have developed something of a theory, an idea of what sets certain compositions, be they musical, written, performed, or visual, above the metaphorical ocean of artistic expression available in this modern world of ours.

  • Steadfast Convention – Melbourne 2018

    I had the pleasure of attending the One World Steadfast Convention this week which allowed me the opportunity to mingle with like-minded industry professionals and attend some informative discussions held by an array of industry leaders. It was very interesting

  • A Cinderella verdict for Cleaners – inspections need not be perfect

    A recent case, Woolworths Ltd v McQuillian [2017] NSWCA 202 (14 August 2017) has deemed that Cleaners do not have to be perfect, just adequate. It clarified that “reasonable conduct” – not ” perfection” is what occupiers need to prove.

  • The Annual Proclaim Easter Egg Hunt

    The Olympics, FIFA World Cup, The Ashes… These are competitions that have stood the test of time. But only the truly competitive can handle… The Proclaim Easter Egg Hunt! Each year Proclaimers search, hunt, scramble for Easter Eggs hidden all

  • PIPA Training session

    The Corporate Team recently had a training session with Meridian Lawyers on the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act (“PIPA”). The main area covered in this session was disclosure of documents. We generally have a lot of issues with disclosure regarding PIPA.

  • Discussion group – Add me on Snapchat – But beware, someone may be watching!

    Yesterday our Tim Kasem, Account Manager – Liability held a discussion group on the use of social media and open source data technology as a claims investigative and validation tool. With the assistance of Lilian See of Wotton and Kearney

  • Lloyd’s Coverholder conference March 8

    Richard Thomas and Jon Broome attended the Australian Lloyd’s Coverholder Conference for 2018 in Sydney, with around 150  agents, insurers, TPAs and Lloyd’s representatives.   So what were the take-aways, noting we attended hoping to hear about opportunities for Proclaim

  • International Women’s Day at Proclaim

    Today, 8 March,  is International Women’s Day. It was started to celebrate women in cultural, economic, social and political arenas and their achievements. There is much evidence showing the benefits of hiring women in business, such as leading increased innovation

  • Proclaimers and Art

    In the vastness of time and space, humanity as we know and understand it is but an inconceivably small speck of dust not long ago swept from the shoulder of whatever omnipresent deity, or lack thereof, one chooses to believe

  • Mitigating costs when dealing with credit for hire organisations

    Generally, when a motorist has an accident that isn’t their fault, they are entitled to a replacement vehicle while their car is being repaired. A like for like replacement from a mainstream rental company is what we usually see, but

  • Artist floor talk – Noriko Nakamura

    Proclaim welcomed Mark Feary, Creative Director at Gertrude, with artist Noriko Nakamura to celebrate the unveiling of the Proclaim acquisition from Gertrude Contemporary for the 2017 year. The sculpture, carved from limestone, took over 3 months to make and was done

  • Social Media and Insurance claims

    Social media has exploded and has had a profound effect on many of us and how we live our day to day lives. Through the proliferation of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we all now have the ability to

  • FIFA ’18 tournament

    Barry Nilsson invited Proclaim, brokers and underwriters to participate in their annual FIFA 18 tournament at their offices located in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.   After carving through his opponents in the Melbourne office, including his colleague Kelvin Hui 4-0

  • Visit to Lloyd’s of London

    Proclaim is a third party administrator which means we handle claims for insurers who wish to outsource their claims functions. The majority of our clients are Lloyds insurers. On a recent trip to London, my colleague Kelvin Hui and I

  • Shifting sands in the slip and fall world – Corporates brace themselves for a hard market

    As a New Year’s Resolution we recommend reviewing your public liability insurances and processes, as the signs that the public liability insurance market is starting to harden are becoming more noticeable. On a weekly basis, we are hearing that it

  • Top 5 ways to act prudently ….

    For various reasons, at some point you might hear the phrase “act as a prudent uninsured”.   Perhaps insurers are considering your claim, but have not yet been able to determine whether the policy has been triggered.  It may be

  • Claims preparers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The way in which a claim is prepared and presented by an insured to an insurer is often an indication of how the life cycle of the claim will progress.   A standard commercial property insurance policy requires the insured

  • VWA recovery claims discussion group

    Proclaim held a discussion group today on Victorian Work Authority recovery claims, presented by HWL Ebsworth. Here were the top 3 take-aways: –   1. Investigate contractor incidents Often the focus is on visitors and patrons who may be involved

  • Christmas and Retail- higher foot fall, more fall feet

    So for retail the festive season is busy… Our data trending analysis with our larger retail clients show that the summer season is always the busiest period for foot fall which leads to more personal injury and property damage claims. It’s also summer time which means more shoppers

  • PI vs GL Discussion Group – Brisbane

    Richard Thomas and Jon Broome of Proclaim, in  conjunction with Paul Spezza from Wotton and Kearney, presented in Brisbane last Friday to a large group of clients and friends on the blurred lines between Liability policies and PI policies. Some

  • Top 5 Causes of Property Damage

  • Releasing CCTV footage – should you or shouldn’t you?

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      In today’s litigious climate we find that the vast majority of our clients utilise closed circuit television or CCTV as a means of monitoring theft and other crimes as well as providing images for scrutiny in the event of

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  • Halloween at Proclaim

    Proclaim’s End of Month drinks is not only an opportunity for all of the teams within the company to socialize, but also acknowledges individual Proclaimers who went above and beyond that month. This month, through the wonderful organisation of Proclaim’s social

  • Should I say sorry?

    …. A customer walks into a pizzeria. They are eagerly scanning the blackboard menu which hangs above the counter. Decision made, they move forward to place an order, eyes still half on the overhead menu, and mind on getting home

  • Is the insurance industry keeping its claims promise?

    Insurance like most businesses has a keen focus on generating profit as at least one of their drivers. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with a focus on increasing revenue and cutting costs, this can lead to unintended consequences if

  • XL Catlin Knowledge Hub – Resilience in the Face of Disaster

    I really enjoyed this event hosted by XL Catlin and learned a lot!  While there was a very interesting presentation on Risk Engineering my top 5 take-outs centred around Insurtech discussions:   Top 5 take-outs AI and Robotics.  It’s important

  • Day out at Melbourne Zoo with Mirabel Foundation

    On October 3rd, a small group of us from Proclaim spent the day volunteering with the Mirabel Foundation.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Mirabel Foundation assists children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug

  • Proclaim at the ANZIIF Liability Conference 2017

    Dianne Nguyen attended the ANZIIF Liability Conference held at the Dockside Cockle Bay Wharf on 10 October 2017.   The top 5 take aways from the Conference were as follows: Worker injury recovery claims continue to be on the rise

  • Art at Proclaim

    We try and keep The Proclaim Collection rich and interesting by having an annual rearrangement, incorporating any new works, and inviting an artist in to share their insights on works in the collection. So last Thursday we were privileged to have

  • Top 3 issues in Cyber insurance and coverage

    Whether we like it or not, cyber liability is a risk which can affect all industries, and can do so in quite severe ways. We write below on three issues and areas that have been in the news and how

  • Dive In Festival – Diversity and Inclusion in Insurance

    Marianne recently attended Dive In – The Festival for Diversity and Inclusion in Insurance. The event was on Innovation Through Diversity, sponsored by XL Catlin. The key theme was that we need a diverse workplace so everyone can flourish and

  • Back to Basics: Claim Mitigation

    Although it seems to be something quite obvious, it is all too often that we see insureds failing to take any mitigating action after an event, which increases and sometimes even creates losses that could have been avoided. Lack of

  • Top 5 Industries for Cyber Claims

  • Proclaim’s 2017 Emerging Leaders Program

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    Welcome to Proclaim’s new emerging leaders, who will be part of a 9 month leadership program coordinated by Jon Broome with a mix of internal and external resources. Concepts to be covered include leadership, communication, strengths, resilience, coaching, inspiring performance,

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  • Proclaim at YIPs Trailblazers Leadership event – 21 September 2017

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    Last night Proclaim attended the Young Insurance Professionals (YIPs) Trailblazers event, Learn to Soar with Insurance Leaders. The panel, which included Andrew Boal from Willis Towers Watson, Donna Walker from CGU and Gary Gribbin from Insurance House, discussed leadership, building a

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  • How a TPA can help you – stakeholder relationship

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    Managing claims from end to end can often be a great and rewarding experience for a claims manager, but for those other parties who are also involved, it can be a daunting and unfamiliar experience. As I was writing this

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  • Georgina and Jon at the AON Health Symposium, Sydney, 14 September

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    Jon’s three takeaways: First, Health is clearly at the forefront of the cyber risk threat. This is explained by the value of the patient records that health companies maintain. As opposed to credit card records that can enable simple theft,

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  • Proclaim Discussion Group – blurred lines between GL and PI

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    Proclaim’s September Discussion Group focused on the increasingly blurred lines between General Liability policies and Professional Indemnity policies. The discussion was led by Ananya Tiwari, from our Liability team, and Kelvin Hui from our Professional Risks team. It seems like any

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  • Gertrude Contemporary

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    Proclaim proudly sponsors Gertrude Contemporary’s annual exhibition “Octopus”. This year’s exhibition, entitled “Octopus 17 – Forever Transformed“, gave the Melbourne Proclaim team an opportunity to visit the gallery’s new location in Preston, and meet with some of the gallery’s resident

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  • When do you refer to a medical panel?

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    Do you have properties in Victoria and received a letter from a plaintiff lawyer attaching a medical certificate for an injured claimant?  Medical Panel Victorian legislation codifies the common law of negligence – the relevant act is the Wrongs Act

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  • Proclaim Named as one of Australia’s Top 50 Best Places to Work, Again

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    Proclaim is proud to announce that we have again been named as one of Australia’s top 50 Best Places to Work as independently rated by the 2015 BRW Great Place to Work Survey. A great workplace is where you trust

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  • Proclaim’s Corporate dashboard has arrived!

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    Background Over the last 5 years the demands for claims data and management information has continued to expand. While the amount of information is ever increasing, distilling that information to key metrics that drive an understanding of risk remains a

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  • Proclaimer – June 2015 Newsletter

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    Welcome to the June 2015 Edition of the Proclaimer We find ourselves in a very interesting insurance environment as we enter the main season for renewals. Having just returned from visiting the London market, there are concerns that there is too much capacity in

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  • Proclaimer – December 2014 Newsletter

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    Welcome to the December 2014 Edition of the Proclaimer. For those of you who have been to our website recently, you will have noticed that we have updated the site so it is responsive, mobile friendly and – more importantly –

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  • March 2014 Edition

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    Welcome to the March 2014 Edition of the Proclaimer Newsletter. Read more >

    December 2013 Edition

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    Welcome to the December 2013 Edition of the Proclaimer Newsletter. Read more >

    June 2013 Edition

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