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Companies who self-insure and captives

We work with many companies who nave a self-insured retention, or deductible or aggregate deductible and companies who have a volume of claims against them. They tend to dedicate significant management and staff time to dealing with claims and can be frustrated at lack of control of their claims situation, requiring a better solution than traditional claim management.

Our experience when benchmarking against comparable liability claim portfolios that our model can save you 40% or more in claim costs.

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This is the place for all Proclaim and industry related news we feel you should know about. Updated regularly, it's your one stop shop to be ahead of the game when it comes to commercial claim management.

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The latest from Jon Broome our Managing Director and Proclaim staffers. Musings on life, business, finance, economics, world issues, what we've been up to and some random fun stuff too! Desert island discs anyone?

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Proclaim Collection

Since 2003 we have been building an art collection. The focus is on current contemporary works and has formed a strong connection between Gertrude artists, alumni, staff and the good folk of Proclaim.

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Stephen Hawking