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Providing a different way of thinking

When presented with a claim our team has a unique opportunity to provide a great customer experience. We have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. which is why our purpose is to go beyond what any other company might to achieve our client’s goals and exceed all expectations.

We look to create real value for our clients and distinguish ourselves from conventional claims administration. We tailor our approach to suit each client's individual needs ensuring we achieve the best possible outcome. Leading the way with Industry Best Practice we continually exceed our customer expectations and push the boundaries with our unique and innovative approach. (So focus was specialists/ our people / our approach).

we believe there are 3 key identifiers that set Proclaim apart from traditional claims managers:

  • Our people – smart, engaged
  • Our culture - from our values and behaviours to our work environment
  • Our model is more progressive – less about traditional notions of how to manage claims and more about what actually works. (in some aspects considered revolutionary – by others just common sense – we tend to take a portfolio approach rather than a reactive claim by claim approach – which allows us to set processes for anticipated claims that will work across the vast majority of claims).

Providing a better customer experience & how you'll benefit

  • Cost savings with our early intervention model that prevents unnecessary escalation of claims and is proven to generate significant cost savings. (Have you ever been frustrated at claims that escalate that could have been resolved earlier?)
  • Cost savings on legal expenses – we rely less on lawyers and can provide commercial and strategic claim advice from our legally qualified account managers in the first instance. (Are you frustrated that seemingly simple matters are being referred to lawyers?)
  • Time savings – while we focus on executing our specialist services, you can focus on your core business. (Have you ever estimated the time you spend on claim issues?)
  • Brand protection - with faster and more expert response to customer complaints.
  • Control - Reporting that maintains control of your financial exposures. This leads to greater control over your insurance premiums.
    • Our most recent benchmarking exercise demonstrated significant cost savings from the Proclaim model against internal models – over $3000 per claim. If you have 5 claims this year, that is at least $15,000 in cost savings from moving to the Proclaim model.

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

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