Holidays and a Hard Market; Proclaim is here to help

The “ho ho ho silly season” coupled with the hardening insurance market can give an unpleasant gift to Insureds who have not prepared themselves.

The Corporate team at Proclaim manage the under excess claims for many Insured clients who have some level of self-insurance (an excess for each claim).  Many are what are termed frequency accounts, where they have a lot of traffic from public customers, such as shopping centres or amusement parks. A by product of large amounts of people traffic is accidents that can cause personal injury.

Any company with people traffic and some history of public liability claims are finding themselves fully foisted into the hardening market with premiums increasing by 25% or more, and some having to wear higher excesses as well.  Our clients who proactively report incidents to us and who have adopted an early intervention and co-operative, commercial approach during the soft market have put themselves in a far better position to cope with the hardening market.

Proactive claims management, smart early intervention and sharp data insight technology have improved their public brand as well as reduced claims costs.  At Proclaim we have recently introduced Power BI for our clients which provides them with advanced data analytics that can offer insights into risk that can help in containing claims costs and insurance premiums.

So if you have a client who are trying to handle claims themselves without specialist claims skills, or feel like their claims and risk isn’t under control – call us to see how we can help you.