SHARPEN THE SAW – Why breaks are so important

At Proclaim we want our people to be safe and well. We know at times there can be pressures associated with the work we do and that there are occasions where we deal with difficult issues or claimants that can create stress and anxiety.

After the recent RUOK day, we had some conversations in the office that prompted us to think again about all we do for the health and wellbeing of our teams. One of our strategic priorities is to be a great place to work, and we feel we do a lot to achieve this, but we are always trying to improve our work environment and encourage and promote new ideas that can help our teams to be happier and more productive.

 From these recent conversations we have formed a wellbeing committee who are charged with bringing new ideas to the business on all aspects of work wellbeing, from work ‘hygiene’ and productivity, to education and training on key mental health issues like sleep and nutrition, increased awareness on recognising mental health issues, as well as some social activities to improve wellbeing like yoga, meditation – we are even considering an office choir.

 We will continue to support our people by bolstering our existing policies on employee safety, whether it be from anxiety caused by dealing with difficult claimants, or as may happen rarely, from brokers or clients. And we will of course continue with many of our existing ideas that help create a great place to work – from our flexibility and diversity through to our immersive art program, to our casual clothes policy, to birthdays off, to bring your pet to work, to our monthly awards, volunteering, our games and rec area and social events.

 Our wellbeing committee consists of CFO, Jo Carrazzo; Corporate Account Manager, Ashlee Lambert; Senior Client Administration Coordinator, Lou Slade; and Liability Account Manager Kristina Sardellis (along with MD Jon Broome). To kick this off, we are encouraging our team members to consider the way they work, and adopt a system of regular breaks to ensure they stay sharp. For the next 3 months we are going to ask everyone to trial these suggestions and then we will take further feedback on how the trial went. It means, among other things, no more lunches at the desk staring at your PC monitor….which we hope everyone will see – one day – as a good thing.

 Richard Branson has always advocated for his employees being happy as his number one goal – with happy employees comes great work, and with great work comes happier clients. So we will continue to see our quest to be a great place to work as a never ending journey, and hope our new initiative to focus on wellbeing will help us on that trail.


If you’d like to read Proclaim’s new Sharper the Saw Brochure, provided to all our employees, please feel free to click below to view and download a PDF copy of the document. Mental health is important, so we are happy to share our ideas with you.

Document: Sharpen the Saw – Brochure 2018